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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Quick Guide to Network for Good Web Services

Collect Donations on Your Website

1.2 Million Charities, One Simple Web Service

What It Is
Network for Good’s web services enable your users to search for and donate online to more than 1.2 million charities on your website.

You connect to our web services, and we take care of the rest: the charity search, the credit card transaction, the donor tax receipt, the payment to the nonprofit and all the reporting to nonprofits and to you.

The Specifics: Donating
There are two versions of our web services:

1. Basic Web Service
• One-time, credit card funded donations
• One or more charities per transaction

2. Enhanced Web Service
• One-time, credit card funded donations
• Recurring, credit card funded donations
• One or more charities per transaction
• Ability for your user to save their credit card for later use
• Ability to retrieve your user’s donation history for display on your website

The Specifics: Search
Search is enabled by web services from our partner GuideStar, a comprehensive database of nonprofits.

As the premier source of current nonprofit data, GuideStar allows users to search and select from an extensive database of continually updated listings of more than 1.2 million U.S. tax-exempt nonprofit organizations. GuideStar delivers dynamic data for seamless downstream web integration through Network for Good.

GuideStar has several levels of access to their web services, including a basic search and a comprehensive search with useful information about each nonprofit.

Users benefit from real-time access to the robust GuideStar database within the Network for Good API. In addition, in-house developers can leverage the NFG/GuideStar source code—eliminating the need to build additional web-based applications and saving time and development costs.

Examples of Web Services in Action
Causes on Facebook:

Download this PDF if you would like complete documentation or our price list.


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